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For over 20 years, Ron & Tina Konkin have helped thousands of individuals and couples heal from the baggage in their past and move forward into a healthy future by using the R3 principle to Reveal, Rewrite and Renew. As founding Directors of the

Relationship BootCamp and the Couples Retreat, they help to create healthy individuals who can come together and have healthy relationships and families. Ron and Tina were married in 1981 and have three children. They possess the ability to see past the façade and through to the real issues of broken relationships. Their passion is to see children grow up in healthy homes.

They both are sought after speakers for men & women’s groups, conferences, churches, and businesses across the United States and Canada. Ron & Tina are the Founders of Relationship Help Centers, which is a resource for many churches, counselors, organizations and The Dr. Phil Show. Relationship Help Centers offers the renown Relationship BootCamp and Exclusive Couples Retreat; providing tools to Live Above the Line™.

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Marriage & Relationship Help in the Couples Counseling Orange County, Couples Therapy Orange County, Orange County Couples Counseling, Orange County Couples Therapy U.S. and Couples Therapy Los Angeles, Los Angeles Couples Therapy Canada.  Relationship Help Centers both in the US & Canada offers the renown Couples Retreat and Relationship BootCamps for couples and individuals. Featured on many TV and Radio shows, seen on A&E’s Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Our programs are a resource for, and recommended by  Dr Phil: The Relationship BootCamp (visit main site) (Couples Training & Individual Training is an intense four-day marriage and relationship help program in the US and Canada that focuses on how to have healthy relationships.  The Exclusive Couples Retreat, offers the relationship and marriage help you need, in private resort style settings including accommodations, meals, and more . The 8-Hour Mini BootCamp is designed as an on-site seminar for church and business groups.

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“I want to thank them by acknowledging their support both for our guests and the mission of the show. From the follow-up reports we receive from those individuals and families as guests on our show, we have our highest regard for the care and support these health professionals have afforded to both,” says Dr. Phil. “We have links to their Web pages below and will continue to update the list to keep it as current as possible.” - Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil sends couples with tough issues featured on the Dr Phil show to our intensive Relationship BootCamp for true healing.Pictured: Ron & Tina Konkin, Directors with Dr. Phil.


Relationship Counseling Orange County, Orange County Relationship CounselingMidlife Crisis or Boredom?

Miles says his wife of 10 years, Elaine, is going through a midlife crisis and believes that’s the reason she had an affair. After appearing on the Dr Phil show, Miles and Elaine attended the Relationship BootCamp in Orange County, CA and began the road to healing their relationship    Seminar Marriage Vancouver

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The Intensive Exclusive Couples Retreat is designed for the couple wanting a more private experience for relationship help. One of the most effective relationship weekends in the U.S. and Canada. This 4-day, all inclusive, exclusive, and highly interactive weekend provides couples with their own personal coach, one-on-one meetings with the directors, accommodations, and meals – all held in some of the most beautiful, relaxing locations available. Read more…

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Our camps are offered in both the U.S. Couples Retreat California and Canada

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Intensive Relationship & Marriage help BootCamp - Couples Training The Relationship BootCamp - Couples Training is an intense relationship seminar that is the perfect place to identify and address marriage and relationship issues. Marriage and Relationship counselors affirm that the this intensive BootCamp is worth 2 years of counseling in less than 4 days. If you are looking for marriage and relationship help, this is the place to get it. Pastors, Counselors, Therapists and Dr Phil are referring clients to provide help in solving difficult problems. Couples that have attended  Intensive Relationship BootCamp for Couples are raving about h ow it has changed their lives and saved their marriages. Read more…

Tuition Cost: $749/person

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Intensive Individual Relationship BootCamp  Individual Training.   The Relationship BootCamp – Individual Training  is a truly transformational weekend. For many individuals, families and teens, life has gone into survival mode. This BootCamp helps individuals get down to their core issues by using an experiential and intensive program. In less than 20 hours individuals will discover why they behave, react, and function the way they do. The Individual Training version of this BootCamp provides the tools to identify and heal, past hurts and learned behaviors and move forward into a place where the destructive belief systems hold no more power. Make the decision to LIVE ABOVE THE LINE and give yourself the gift of this unforgettable weekend.

Tuition Cost: $695/per person

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